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12009824_892412037516939_4778200098043983122_nThe word is detachment. The meaning is clear…..the underlying meaning is hard.

I was lucky enough to be a guest at one of the finest spas in the world, Ananda in the Himalayas.

While there, I attended a lecture on the Buddhist philosophy on detachment.

It was a good lesson.

I pondered on it and patted myself on the back about all the times I had “practiced” detachment.

12039292_892412050850271_5152356866228833580_nI went back to my room and began to work on one of the Mandalas I brought to do meditative coloring.


The Mandala I choose was called Mandala of the Mothers, and talked about creativity and how important it was to be able to actively destroy a piece of art.

I froze… it meant that I was going to do my best work on this piece and then actively Detach and Destroy.

It made me very sad.


12042884_892412087516934_6247763140236545712_nIt brought up emotions that I had not expected.

I thought that I may as well just destroy it before I did my best with it.

THEN… the true detachment lesson appeared to me.


“Do your very very best, then detach from it.”



12032981_892412097516933_5799320541859878675_nIt took me another few weeks before I could muster the courage to work on the art work, then actively detach and destroy.


What can you detach from today?



Love and light


Who is your OPRAH?

excited via glitterinmycoffee.tumblrWhen Oprah had her daily blockbuster talk show, I know people who had written books or had a specific platform for doing something that longed for Oprah’s people to call. They longed to be spotlighted so that their books could sell, their work could be showcased or that they could be famous.

In some instances though, a call from a behemoth like an Oprah could shut down an operation. If you were not geared up to accept millions of orders, field thousands of callers or to be thrust into the limelight, it could derail your work and your life.

Then perhaps, you were the type who wrote a lot of lies, as in A Million Little Pieces and were exposed and had to dig yourself out of a deep hole.

A call from someone like an Oprah may NOT be the next best step for you.

Recently, I got a call from a non-governmental organization called PSI.org and I am now partnering with them to eradicate Gender Based Violence.

The time was right for this call. This organization was my Oprah.

This organization can help me to spread my work and help me to shore up my own talents so that I increase my skills to do better work.

My point here is to be really specific of how your next best step with your work can be served.

It probably IS NOT the Oprahs of this world or the CNNs of the world. It is probably someone placed a little closer to you and who can enable you to take a next best and stronger step.

If, however, the Oprahs of the world call, you may have to have the courage to say no, or not yet or give me a few more years.

Only you can decide what your next best step is and it is most likely a simple step…not a leap.

Be patient, do your great work and plan your next best steps.


Love and light,

Work is a verb…..

man_hands via salonThe definition of WORK is activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something:  the labor, task, or duty that is one’s accustomed means of livelihood.

From my high school physics class, I remember that work is an expenditure of energy and that energy achieves something.

In everyday terms, the sun works with leaves for photosynthesis and the worms work makes soil worthwhile for planting.

I work at my non-profit so that I can help to change the world view on Domestic Violence.

When we decide to work, we have decided to be active.

Being active means being intentional about outcomes and outcomes require certain steps.

If you want to WORK at changing your habits…..say smoking, you have to CHOOSE to NOT smoke and get help in doing so. Help can be a gum, a patch, hypnosis, therapy or some other intervention. Nicotine is addictive so your brain needs help to help itself.

The whole point of deciding to WORK at something in hopes of changing it means to be intentional, active and present.

What “thing” in your life have you decided to change?

What help have you sought?

How active are you being?

Are you finding that it’s really easy to “fall off the wagon?”

OK, so get back ON the wagon.

If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth the time, toil and trouble.

The next time you feel like giving up, give yourself a breather and get RIGHT BACK TO WORK.

Love and light,


I am an ass….


I was thinking about the people in my life who I do not believe carry their own weight and me doing more than my fair share of work, carrying the burdens.

I instantly had an image of myself as a pack mule….a big, strong mule able to carry my weight and twice that on my back.

Then I thought about all the other mules.  These mules are not as strong. Some have other skills besides hauling stuff, some are younger, some older.  They are not carrying the load I feel I am carrying. I became almost blinded by anger and resentment because they are not doing the work load I believe they should be doing.

AND at the end of the day all of us mules are getting the same amount of food!

But I carried the most weight! I did my best work!

And then it hit me.  The other mules, they did their best work too.

That single thought took away my anger and resentment.

I may not be happy that the other mules did not carry the same amount of weight as me, but I was given the amount of weight because I could carry it.
They were given what they could carry, and no it won’t always be equal.
Perhaps they could have carried the load better with proper attention, guidance and training….but they did the best they could.

Now, I feel like an ass…

Next time I am quick to judge on a job or task that is done, I will ask myself…did that person to the best job they are able to?

And if they didn’t… well, there will be another lesson in that I am sure.

Hee Haaww