THC Oil Cartridges and the women that need them.

By: Nicole brightsie

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This article about Domestic Violence is written and sponsored by 

Thousands of women suffer at the hand of men in countries all over the world. They suffer physically and psychologically, which creeps into every facet of society. The mothers shape how society in the future looks.  

With the help of Weedsly, we are pushing a global intitiative, to get THC oil cartridges into the hands of women who need them. At the moment, Weedsly is donating $10k a month top set up safehouses. These safehouses are place where women of abuse can be together and share in their trauma and heal. A place to smoke cannabis and not worry about prosecution. A place to meditate in the studies of the indran is light foundation. God-bless these women.

These carts are supplied by Weedsly and from private donors in Washington state. Food, Clothing, Shelter, THC oil, and emotional support.  These women are isolated and lonely. They fear retribution. Which is why we all need to help.

The weed cartridge team and this food charity combine efforts to feed and shelter these people. Physical Abuse leads to Obesity and sicknesses like diabetes, heart disease, and high-blood pressure. Now imagine the sicknesses that are associated with hunger. These injustices need to end today. Bless the light foundation and their saints.

I sat down with the leader of Freedom from Hunger, Mick Rabio, and the CEO of Weedsly’s THC battery division, Mike Unger.

What should we expect?

Mike: I hope not much pushback. These marijuana products are essential for these women’s health. For their appetite and their mental well being.

Mick: A United States government report, from the New York times says, the Ethiopian military is gearing up for a push against our food drive. So I’m worried.

Why should we believe the victim?

Mike: Because domestic violence is everywhere. By not believing, you are saying it doesen’t exist. It’s wrong. We all need to look into ourselves and believe women. Give them time to puff on a weed cart and let her tell her story. You’d be surprised what you hear.

Mick: I agree with Mike. You have to believe these women and you have to feed them often so they have the strength to persevere.

What could we do to help?

Mick: Start the fight at home. Make sure you are read up on protection and your rights for defense. Contact your local police station to learn about the best way to fight violence with love. 

Mike: I agree. Relax more and be kinder to others. Focus on your own health and look into CBD and THC substances. This could save our women, the gatekeepers of our children—the future.
Thank you both for this interview. If you want to buy Marijuana oil, this is the place to go, Weedsly.

If you have anyone in your life suffering from domestic attacks, do not wait an instant! If you or a loved one are a victim of domestic violence, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential assistance from trained advocates.

If you want to donate to the best charity in the world, go to Action Against Hunger.

Learn more about these issues at:  Women’s Advocates