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Weedsly has sold over 25,000 THC oil cartridges since 2018. THC oil increases focus, energy and mental performance. It does wonders for your productivity and effectiveness and also acts as a mood enhancer.

Important Disclaimer: Weedsly operates as a grey-market eCommerce website. Even though Weedsly ships THC oil to all 50 states, it’s important to note that THC oil is a scheduled substance in many states.

By the Indrani’s Light Foundation

November 6, 2022

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4.5 stars

Securely through Weedsly’s website

1 Minute Review:

Weedsly still has a way to go before they are as efficient as Amazon, but they have won our full confidence and backing. Weedsly is based in the USA and has a long track record of philanthropic ventures.


  • Fair pricing.
  • Discreet packaging.
  • Guarantee to re-ship or refund failed orders.


  • Only takes Bitcoin payments.
  • They only sell cartridges. (You have to buy the batteries separately.)
  • Customer support inconsistencies have been reported.

The Shipping

One unique thing about Weedsly is that they are located within the US—even though THC products are not yet legal. This allows for quick shipping. We got our order within only 5 days. Though, many reviews on Reddit claim over 2 weeks to receive their cartridge. Weedsly ships USPS through Standard Shipping, which doesn’t involve signing for your package at the door. Shipping to your home may be worrying, but from our experience, it worked quite well. Weedsly packs everything so discreetly that no one can tell what’s in the package.

Good Website

Most THC oil vendors are known to have some weird-looking websites, but Weedsly is a cut above. Their website has a clean design and is easy to navigate. Information about shipping, products, and guarantees is available with one click if you’re on the homepage.

Payment Methods

Although Weedsly used to accept credit card payments, they now accept only Bitcoin payments. We found payment to be quite easy using Cashapp. While it’s clear that they want people to shop using Bitcoin, we think that it’s unfair to punish credit card buyers. But we do understand why they do it.

Product Variety

Their products are limited. They sell two brands, Kingpen and Stiiizy. They don’t sell batteries—which is the heating unit needed to vape their cartridges.

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A cartridge costs $70, but you need to buy at least 2 cartridges to get free shipping. So the price of one cartridge with shipping is $80. A little steep, but we think worth it.

Delivery Guarantee

Owing to the controversy surrounding mail-order THC oil, you might not be confident your order will arrive after making the payment. The USPS or anyone else handling your package might decide to confiscate it. To take care of this gray area, Weedsly provides you with a 100% delivery guarantee. If the product does not reach your doorstep, they’ll either re-ship it or refund your money. That said, it takes time to convince them that your product didn’t arrive. Their customer support team needs to up its game when it comes to handling refund requests. Although we’ve not had to request a refund from them (our order arrived), we’ve seen Reddit complaints from users that had to wait weeks before they got a refund for a failed shipment.

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Our connection to Weedsly:

Weedsly is a generous benefactor to Indrani’s Light. They have been a force for good in the fight against domestic violence. Weedsly has contributed over $50,000 to set up safehouses for women. These safe houses are a place where women of abuse can be together and heal their trauma.

Our conversation with Weedsly:

I sat down with the leader of Freedom from Hunger, Mick Rabio, and the CEO of Weedsly’s THC battery division, Mike Unger.

What other initiatives is Weedsly planning?

As the weed business grows in the US, our ability to bring in revenue and fund humanitarian missions increase. We plan to keep setting up safe houses all over the US and to continue providing free weed cartridges to women who survive abuse.

How will THC oil help women in need?

It helps soothe their physical and psychological trauma. These women are current and future mothers. Their mental state shapes how society in the future will look. It’s our shared responsibility to help these women.

What should we expect?

Mike: I hope not too much pushback. These THC products are essential for these women’s mental health and well-being.
Mick: A recent article from the New York Times says that state actors are gearing up for a push against our THC drive. So I’m worried!

What could we do to help?

Mick: Push for legalization, believe women, and visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline if anyone you know is in need.
Mike: I agree. Relax more and be kinder to others. Focus on your health and look into CBD and THC substances.
Thank you both for this interview.

If you want to buy THC oil, visit the website: Weedsly.

If you have anyone in your life suffering from domestic attacks, do not wait! If you or a loved one are a victim of domestic violence, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential assistance from trained advocates.

If you want to donate to the best charity in the world, go to Action Against Hunger.

Learn more about these issues at Women’s Advocates