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A future free of gender-based violence (GBV) doesn’t have to be complicated. It starts with a single daily action from each of us. The only way to surmount a large challenge like GBV is one step at a time. Luckily, there are many small steps to choose from right here on this website.

Whether you spread the message on social media…
Listen to just one episode of the Live a Brighter Life Podcast…
Or, learn how to help a friend who may be being abused…

We hope you’ll do at least one thing today, tomorrow, and the next day. This ‘Do One Thing’ attitude is central to the work at Indrani’s Light. If everyone remembers to do just one thing each day, we can create lifelong habits that lead to our goals.

Whether we’re experiencing abuse today, surviving after abuse, or learning to be an activist and stepping into philanthropy, the ‘Do One Thing’ habit has the same power. As you choose what you’ll do each day, use #DoOneThing and join the many people who are taking action.

#DoOneThing #EndGBV #BrightLife

As one of your possible actions, we hope you’ll consider becoming a trainer, or sponsoring others to train with Indrani’s Light Foundation. It all starts with the immediately downloadable, introductory course called Live a Brighter Life, for everyone who wants to live a more empowered life.