Foundation Mission


Our mission is to Inspire, Educate, Mentor, Teach all Aspiring Women, and in particular maligned women to live the life of their dreams.

– We support a woman’s right to live, work and play where ever they choose.

– We provide tools for women to take a stand for their individual freedom.

– We encourage, educate and create possibilities for women to “Live a Brighter Life”.

– We teach women to rise to become the mentor their children need.

Our challenge to all women – If not NOW, when?

Our Story

In 2004, Indrani Goradia embarked upon an impossible journey.  She decided to compete for the Olympic distance triathlon, at the age of 50!  Prior to this decision, Indrani had no training in competing in such events.  While it was extremely difficult, with many moments of the thought of giving up, she persevered.  And yes, she completed the triathlon, exhausted but thrilled of having accomplished this goal.  Indrani did not see this as the end-point, rather this was a starting point.  Since that time, she also become a marathoner, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and ultimately a Certified Master Life Coach.

In order to achieve her aspirations, Indrani  educated and taught herself with the help of mentors how to live the life of her dreams.  Since then she has been successfully Life Coaching and has been invited to speak nationally and internationally.